Company Story

The ‘click’ software company was founded in 2010 by a group of four friends who wanted to create software that made it easy to manage, analyze and automate workflows. After months of hard work and dedication, they released their first software product: ‘click’, a cloud-based service that makes it easy to access and organize your documents, spreadsheets and other data sources. Since then, ‘click’ has continued to grow and develop more products to help people get the most out of their work. With the implementation of various features and integrations, ‘click’ now offers the ultimate workplace collaboration platform. Through features like task and project management tools, team calendars, customer service management tools and automated workflow integration, ‘click’ has become a go-to for businesses in need of a powerful, efficient collaboration platform. In addition to their suite of products, ‘click’ aims to assist businesses in growing and scaling their operations. ‘click’ regularly updates their customers with the latest news, tips and strategies to help them succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape. In addition, ‘click’ provides free, unlimited training and support on all of their products to ensure users are getting the most from their platform. ‘click’ has come a long way since its initial launch and continues to evolve as the digital landscape continues to innovate. With their plethora of products, reliable customer service and support, ‘click’ remains a top choice for businesses of all sizes.


John Smith

 John Smith is the CEO of Click Software Systems. He has held this role for 6 years and is renowned for his commitment to providing innovative and advanced software solutions for the digital era. John has an MBA from the University of Texas and has held a number of executive positions in organizations throughout the software and digital space. He is passionate about creating opportunities for innovation and collaboration within organizations, and is committed to giving every customer the best software experiences possible.

Joe Doe

 Is the Chief Technology Officer at Click Software Systems. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford and a Master’s degree in network security from the University of California, Berkeley. Samantha has worked in the software industry for 10 years and is an expert in software design and development. She is an advocate for data security and privacy and leads the development of Click’s software products with an eye towards providing secure and reliable solutions to customers.

John Brown

Is the Vice President of Business Development at Click Software Systems. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Princeton and has extensive experience in business development, project management, and strategic planning across numerous industries. Jane is an avid networker and a tireless advocate for Click’s offerings. She is responsible for researching and developing new partnerships and initiatives in order to bring Click’s products to a wider audience.

Jacob Williams

Is the Chief Operating Officer at Click Software Systems. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Washington, and has been working in the software industry for 8 years. Jacob is a versatile manager who is adept at developing and maintaining rapport with customers, and maintaining high standards for customer service. He is responsible for keeping the company running at optimal performance, and driving the introduction of new products, services, and initiatives.


Customer Obsession

Putting our customer’s needs first in everything we do. 


Embracing the power of technology to create new products and services.


Delivering high-performing products with a focus on reliability and scalability.